Appointment of Lecturer/Teacher[CD1] 

Appointment of Lecturer/Teacher











Subject: Appointment for the Post of Lecturer/Teacher


Dear Sir,


With reference to your application dated ………. and the interview held on ………. in connection with your appointment as a lecturer/teacher/teacher, we have the pleasure to offer you the post of Lecturer/Teacher for………………..……….. (Subject) in this college/school on the following terms & conditions :-


01. You shall be on probation for a period of …….………. from the date of your joining.  The said period of probation shall be liable to be extended further purely at the discretion of the Governing Body/Managing Committee/Appropriate Authority of the college/school and during or after the expiry of the said probationary period or the extended period, the Governing Body /Managing Committee/Appropriate Authority of the College/school shall be within its right to terminate your services without any notice or assigning any reasons thereof.  You will also continue to be on probation unless confirmed in writing by the Governing Body/Managing Committee/Appropriate Authority of the College/School.


02. You will be paid a salary of Rs………in the sale of Rs……….. besides other allowance as admissible to the teaching staff.


03.  That the annual increment in the aforesaid pay-scale will not be claimed as a matter of right but has to be earned.  It is liable to be withheld as per assessment and general discretion of the Governing Body/Managing Committee/Appropriate Authority of the College/school.


04. That the payment of your salary will be subject to the deduction of income-tax payable on the income of your salary.


05. On confirmation, your services will be liable to be terminated on one Month’s notice or salary in lieu thereof except on disciplinary grounds in which case no such notice or payment in lieu thereof shall be necessary.  Similarly, if you choose to leave the services of the College/school, you will have to give one month's notice or salary in lieu thereof.


06. In case of your absence from duty for ten consecutive days without any reasonable cause or if you proceed on leave without obtaining prior permission or overstay the sanctioned leave, the Management will be within its right to draw a presumption that you have abandoned the employment on your own accord without making reference to you.


07. Your appointment and continuation in employment and continuation in employment of the college/school is subject to your being physically and mentally fit and the Management of the College/School shall have the right to get you examined/re-examined by any Registered Medical Practitioner whose findings shall be final and binding on you.


08. You shall be the whole time employee of the College/school and shall not without the    permission of the management engage your self in any work, profession or employment either honorary or otherwise during the period of your employment in the college/school.


09. You will not enter into any monetary transaction with any student or his parents or guardians and shall not misuse your position as a lecturer/teacher for personal gains. You will not conduct yourself in such a manner that you may have to incure debt beyond your means.


10. You will not accept or permit any member or your family or any other person or representative to accept any gift including free transport, lodging or any other service or any pecuniary advantage/ benefit from any student, parent/guardian or any such student or other person with whom you may come into contact by virtue of your employment in the college/school.


11.  You will confirm to all rules and regulations either existing or amended or extended from time to time in the college/school and shall carry out all other lawful order instructions of the Governing Body/Managing Committee/Principal/Head of the Department or any superior officer given to you in connection with the day to day discharge of your duties.


12.  You shall not practice or incite any student to practice customs, communalism or untouchability; or cause and/or incite to be caused any other person to damage the property of the college/school or encourage or incite any student, Lecturer/Teacher or any member of the staff to behave in a disorderly manner in the premises of the College/School; or organize or attend any meeting during the College/school hours except when you are required or permitted by the Governing Body/Managing Committee of the College/school/Principal/Appropriate Authority to do so.


13.    During exigencies of service your services shall be liable to be transferred from one place to another and/or from one College/school to another either existing or otherwise, being run by the Governing Body/Managing Committee and/or from one post to another purely at the discretion of the Governing Body/Managing Committee of the College/school due to exigencies of service.


14.  You will be retired on attaining the age of..…........ years or even earlier through the Governing Body/Managing Committee of the College/School may grant extension of one or two years purely at their discretion or due to the exigencies of service subject to your remaining physically and mentally fit.  The extension cannot be claimed as a matter of right or precedent.


In case, the above terms and conditions of service are acceptable to you, please return the carbon copy of the offer of appointment after affixing your signature on the same in token of your acceptance and to make commitments to present yourself for duty within three days from receipt thereof.


Yours  faithfully       





 [CD1]Appointment of Lecturer/Teacher