THIS RELEASE is made on the ……… of ………..20 …..between A, son of  ………..of

………..of the ONE PART and B, son  ………..of  ………..of  ………..of the OTHER PART.



(1)By an order of the District Judge of  ……… the matter of the Guardians and Wards Act, 1890, and in the matter of  the said A then a minor, the said B was appointed Guardian of the  person and properties of the said A during his minority.


(2)  The said B administered the properties of the said A during his minority, diligently and kept accounts of the income and  expenditure and invested surplus income in company shares, government securities and fixed deposits in banks.


(3)  The said A attained the age of 21 years on the  ……… of.................20 and called upon the said B to furnish him with the account of all his dealings and transactions with his properties and effects described in the Schedule I hereto.


(4)  The said B has rendered the said accounts to the said A and the said A has examined the accounts kept by the said B and is satisfied about the correctness and the said B has delivered to the said A all the title deeds to and movable property/immovable properties described in the Schedule II hereto and Rs . ……….. (Rupees ………..only) in cash due to him (the receipt whereof the said A doth hereby acknowledge) and has transferred into his name all the shares, securities and bank accounts and has put the said A in possession of all the immovable properties and has delivered to him all the accounts, vouchers, receipts, registers and documents relating to the management of the properties of the said A during the said A ‘s minority.


(5)  The said A has agreed to execute the release as is hereinafter mentioned.



NOW THIS DEED WITNESSES THAT in pursuance of the said agreement and in consideration of the premises, the said A hereby releases and discharges forever the said B, his heirs, executors, administrators, assigns, estates and effects from all actions, suits, proceedings, claims, demands or accounts whatsoever for or on account of the movable and immovable properties and cash of the said A or the management thereof or for conversion, sale, application and investment thereof or for any act or thing done or omitted or neglected by the said B in respect of the said premises or any part thereof or for or in respect of any other thing in anyway relating to the said premises.


The Schedule I above referred to

Details of the properties and effects

The Schedule II above referred to

Description of the title deeds of the properties and movable property delivered

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the above-named A has hereunto set his hand the day and year first above written. 



1  Signed and delivered by the within named A