This Agreement is executed on this _______ day of _____2004 at ___________

 between ____________, ___________________ and presently working as __________. (hereinafter called the Landlord) and ______, and presently working as ____________. here-in-after called the tenant). 


Whereas the landlord is the owner of the premises known as "_______________ ", situated at_________________________________________________ (Hereinafter called the premises). 


IN WITNESS present, the tenant has taken the said premises on rent on the following terms and conditions: 


1.       That the tenanted portion of the premises shall consist of a ______________room set along with, a bath room and a latrine. 


2.       That      the    tenancy      shall be     for    a       fixed period,       i.e.    from     ______      to     __________. 


3.       That rent is Rs._________________/- (Rupees ___________________________ only) per month inclusive of M.C. Taxes. The rent shall be payable to the landlord in the first week of every month it relates. Water and electricity charges shall be payable by the tenant according to consumption. 


4.       The tenant has paid Rs. _______________ (Rupees________________________ ___ hundred) as security, which will be refundable at the time of vacation of the premises. 


5.       The tenant shall not sublet, assign or part with the possession of the premises without written consent of the landlord. 


6.       That as the owner of the demised building ________________________ does not require the premises for his own use and occupation for the time being, the demised premises are being let out on the terms of limited tenancy basis. 


7.       The tenant shall not cause and damage to the rented premises. In case any damage is caused, the cost of repairs shall be borne by the tenant. 


8.       That the tenant shall hand over the vacant possession of the premises to the landlord on ________. 


9.       That in case the tenant wants to vacate the premises prior to ________, he shall have to serve one month's prior notice to the landlord in writing. 


In Witness whereof the parties have signed this agreement at Coimbatore on the day mentioned above. 













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