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I Sri._____________S/o.____________________residing at________________________ aged about ________years _________ by religion, occupation _______________ do make this my last will and testament.

1. I have not made any will or other testamentary documents, but if any made, I hereby revoke all previous wills and codicils, if any and declare this to be my last will and testament.

2. I appoint (1) Sri._______________________ S/o.____________________ residing at ________________________________________________ aged about ________ years _________ by religion, occupation _______________(2) Sri._______________________ S/o.____________________ residing at________________________________________________ aged about________ years _________ by religion, occupation _______________ (3)Sri._______________________ S/o.____________________ residing at________________________________________________ aged about________ years _________ by religion, occupation _______________ as the executor of this will and trustees of my estate.

3. My family consists of _____________________

4. My property consists of



(c) etc.

5. I bequeath all my property in whatever form existing at the time of my death to the said executor and trustees to hold the same on trust for the benefit of my wife Smt._____________________ for her lifetime and till her death as hereinafter provided.6. My executors and trustees shall, after spending the necessary money for the management of the said property out of the income thereof, pay the net income to my wife and the same will belong to her absolutely without liability to account for the same. My executor and trustees will also spend out of the corpus of estate, such amounts as may be required by my wife for medical expenses or for pilgrimage. But my executor and trustees will not be entitled to sell my immovable property above mentioned or mortgage the same.

7. On the death of my and if she predeceases me then on my death all my estate then existing whether mentioned in this will or not, will belongs to my children,

(a) ____________________

(b) ____________________

(c) ____________________

absolutely in equal shares and the trustees for the time being of the said estate under this will shall transfer the same among said children by executing proper document or documents.

8. Provided that, if at the time of death of my wife or myself as the case may be any of the said children is a minor, the trustees shall hold the said property on trust until the youngest attains the age of majority and till then the net income of the said property will given or spend for maintenance and education of the said children.

9. My executor and trustees shall obtain probate of this will from a competent court, if required in law and shall pay all the probate duty and other expenses required for such probate and also pay as first charge all my other liabilities byway of taxes or otherwise howsoever.

10. I have made this will out of my free will and when I am in sound health and in good understanding and in witness thereof, I have put my signature here under in the presence of witnesses on this _________ day of _____________ month of ______________ year.


Signed by the within named testator }

Sri. _________________________ }

opposite in the presence of witnesses,}                                      TESTATOR

who in presence and at his request and }

in the presence of each other have put }

there signature as witnesses hereunder.}


1.Sri. __________________________

Full Address: _________________. _________________


2. Sri. __________________________

Full Address: _________________. _________________