Adoption Of An Orphan From An Orphanage


THIS DEED of adoption made on this___________

day of ______________

by Sh.___________,

s/o Sh.______________



1. I have no issue of my own and have no expectation of having any issue due to the reason of having become quite aged.

2. I have long been anxious to adopt a suitable boy as our son.  

3. I have, after taking consent of my wife, adopted ___________

aged _________,

residing in ___________________________________________________________________________

(name and address of the orphanage) and the said child has been given in adoption to me by the superintendent of the said orphanage, with the prior permission of the court vide dated ____________, a copy of which is annexed hereto. 

4. The ceremony of giving and taking in adoption has been duly performed on ________

along with other religious ceremonies.

NOW I, ______________________, hereby declare I have adopted the said child as my son and the said child shall have, from the date of adoption, all the legal rights and liabilities of my adopted son. 

IN WITNESS WHERE OF, I am signing this deed this ___________

day of ______________.




2. Note: If the adoption is from some orphanage there should be annexed a certificate from the head of the orphanage certifying that he had satisfied himself that the adoption would be for the welfare of the child. In case, the child has reached the age of understanding the certificate should further state that he had also obtained the willingness and ascertained the wishes of the child. Further, the permission of the competent court had also been obtained.