FORM No. 37

FORM No. 37

Registration No. of Company-__________________.


Application by an existing joint stock company for registration as a limited/an unlimited company

[Pursuant to sections 565, 566 and 567]

Name of Company _______________________________________________________.


Application by(a)______________________________________________________.

for registration as a Limited Company/Private Limited Company/an Unlimited Company under the Companies Act, 1956.


constituted by(b)________________________ dated the__________________

day of____________.19____________ (copy whereof is in Annexure 1 hereto) desires to register itself as a company limited by shares/company limited by guarantee/an unlimited company under the Companies Act, 1956, with the name of _________________..Company Limited/Company Private Limited and for that purpose delivers the documents specified in

Annexures II to VI hereto for registration under the said Act.



Dated of_____________.19______________




1. Annexure

I ________

Copy of the instrument constituting or regulating the company.

2. Annexure


List of the members of the company made() upto the day of __________..19 __________

3. Annexure


Statement specifying particulars required by section 567(c)_______________. (c)

4. Annexure


Copy of resolution of company assenting to its registration as a limited company required by section 565(1) proviso, clause (v)

5. Annexure

V ________

Copy of resolution of the company assenting to its :registration, as a company limited by guarantee required by section 565(1), proviso, clause (vii)

6. Annexure




(a)Insert name of the company.

(b)Here enter the description of instrument constituting or regulating   the company.

(c)State whether Director, Managing Director, Manager or Secretary.

(d)Vide Form No. 39.

(e)Vide Form No. 40.

(f)Vide Form No. 41.